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  • Easy Allergen Editor The solution comes pre loaded with a list of the current allergens. This list is user editable and allergens can be added, edited or deleted as required. The ability to include plural allergens within its search process is included.
  • Simple to setup & use The software is very simple to use. Simply select the labelling software to be used. Currently this works with, but not limited to, LabelDirect, EnLabel, Bartender, Nice Label, Sato Label Gallery, LabelView and Codesoft. Once the label application has been selected simply select the access or excel file and table containing the list of ingredients and click highlight. The Allergen Manager will then highlight the allergens as required.
  • Specify the highlighting method Dependant upon the labelling application being used the Allergen Manager provides the ability to perform some or all of the following allergen highlighting methods:-
    Bold Underline Italic Colour   FontSize
  • New Multi Language Support The latest version now supports multiple languages. Allergen Manager now has the ability to highlight allergens in ingredients lists of various languages including: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
Transform standard ingredient
oatmeal bread (51%) (wheat flour, water, oatmeal, wheat bran, yeast, salt) soft cheese* (25%) (milk) ham, lettuce, tomato.
Into allergen highlighted ingredient

oatmeal bread (51%) (wheat flour,water, oatmeal, wheat bran, yeast, salt)soft cheese* (25%) (milk) ham, lettuce,tomato.

See How It Works Here:-

NEW Allergen Labelling Guidance: Allergen Manager Software


The new EU rules on food labelling for allergens came into force on December 13th 2014 (EU Rugulation 1169/2011).This will affect any company labelling foods containing allergens. RL Solutions have developed an Allergen Manager application that can highlight the allergens within a provided database of ingredients automatically.This is acheived by searching for key allergen words and highlighting them according to the database or labelling applications formatting abilities.

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