Sandwich Labelling Solutions

Labeling of Sandwiches, Wedges, Wraps and Salads needs extra care. RL Solutions offer solutions to small bakeries and shops without fully automated software that allows you to make your own label onsite as required. Our experienced staff can suggest you the best label and sandwich label printer that is safe and extremely affordable. We make use of the leading technology that creates powerful label and designs which make your product look extremely high quality. The product is delivered right at your door step and with our clear instructions you can start making use of it from day one without any technical help.

Android Sandwich Label Printing Solution.

  • Easy Product Manager Create and manage all of your sandwich types and content from the easy to use product editor. Create your own titles and ingredients, set offset dates for each individual product and can accomdate barcodes.
  • Simple to setup & useThe Android based sandwich labelling system comprises of a wireless access point, a label printer and an android based tablet. All items are pre configured and ready to use straight out of the box. Simply plug it all in and your ready to go in seconds.
  • Create Batch Runs for Each Day of the Week With the easy to use solution adding sandwich print jobs to a batch is a breeze. Simply select the product, enter a print quantity then press add to batch. From there you can select which days of the week you want to print that qty of labels.
  • Automatic Use By offsets When creating or editing a product you can specify how many days offset this product has. Then when you print a label the current date is offset by the value speicifed for that particular product.
  • Unlimited Product Types Create as many types of product as you like from the easy to use interface:- Sandwiches, Baquettes, Wedges, Wraps, Salads. If you need any other type then simply add them to the configurable list

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